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Is PR the new SEO? Here’s How the Two Really Complement Each Other

Posted By Admin

Is PR the new SEO? Here’s How the Two Really Complement Each Other… Contributed by Al Ruggie, PR Director for 911 Restoration  Public Relations and SEO or Search Engine Optimization are not one in the same, but they have grown together so closely with the spread of the digital revolution, that they have become nearly […]

Jun 10,2015No Comments

Start Using Social Media the Right Way

Posted By Admin

Most businesses are on social media these days, but the vast majority just aren’t doing it right. Between shameless self promotion, over emphasis on followers versus engagements and social media pages that are just lifeless, the horror stories are endless. But the businesses who understand social media and are doing it right are proof that it […]

Mar 17,2015No Comments
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Why The Hell Do I Need a PR Agency Anyway?

Posted By Admin

Let’s be honest – if you own a business at some point or another (unless you’ve been living under  a rock), you’ve probably asked yourself this exact question. Really, I don’t blame you. In today’s era of digital marketing, social media and high visibility platforms on which to connect with your customers, why in the […]

Mar 11,2015No Comments