10 Ways To Help Your Clients Launch a Holiday Marketing and PR Strategy

holiday marketing strategy, digital pr strategy, white label pr services

10 Ways To Help Your Clients Launch a Holiday Marketing and PR Strategy

holiday marketing strategy, digital pr strategy

“If you’re not in the middle of your Black Friday marketing strategy by now, you’re doing it wrong.”

If you’re hearing this for the first time, it’s time to look at what’s on the horizon and make it a priority. Understanding the elements of a successful holiday marketing campaign is the first step toward aligning your clients for visibility, growth, and, of course, sales. 

Holiday marketing done right creates an increased urgency for promotions, a higher demand for products because of the season, and an overall feeling of holiday cheer. Most consumers are really happy during festive times. It’s important to embrace and capitalize on that.

Crafting an effective digital PR strategy starts with defining your client’s target audience to understand how things may have shifted or evolved over the past year. The next step is to look at what happened during previous holiday campaigns,to discern what went right, and where you can improve. You’ll be able to create goals better suited for your target audience if you understand what’s been done before. Finally, you must look at the key performance indicators (KPIs) to make sure you’re using the right tools and platforms that engage and delight your client’s audience.

The right strategy creates longevity and loyalty. At the core, your clients should have a centralized theme to align your marketing and PR channels around one message. This also helps with the timeline of when your activation starts. The best holiday marketing campaigns start with these simple steps:

  • Choose goals
    What’s the heart of the campaign and the outcome your clients are looking for? SMART goals can help create clarity and focus on the marketing needs and how they’ll be addressed.
  • Target audience
    Strive to help your client better understand their target audience. This involves finding out where they hang out, what they like to do, what their problems are, and the items that generate interest for them. This helps in making the best strategic marketing decisions with the budget you have.
  • Include holiday messaging and calls-to-action on the clients website People need someplace to go. One of the first places they visit is the website. Revamping the design to be more festive and focused on the holiday season can work wonders. The CTAs and messaging should be clear, there should be interactive personalization, and there should be banners and pop-ups to direct people to where they want to be.
  • Use social media for giveaways
    This is a good way to gain visibility and engagement while keeping costs low. This creates interest and sales while building excitement. Contests and quizzes help create quick marketing wins.
  • Early access
    An effective Black Friday marketing strategy is giving early access to customers who have been loyal to the brand. This helps in getting them excited about what’s coming, what they can get early, and builds momentum throughout the promotion period. Early discounts, being able to see and purchase products before the general public, and getting exclusive deals helps the brand manage orders before the big day and keeps their trusted customers happy.
  • Leverage mobile devices
    Mobile phones are huge in helping make sales and getting to an audience of people that live for the mobile experience. Having mobile-only deals can incentivize customers to engage more. Using A/B testing and optimized messaging helps increase traffic.
  • Use influencers
    Partnerships are huge in the world of PR and marketing. In fact, 17% of companies spend half of their marketing budget on influencers. When used correctly, you’ll create buzz within their following as well as theirs. Leverage niche audiences to increase brand awareness. This should increase traffic to the site, boost sales and holiday ROI.
  • Extended deals
    It’s no secret that there are always a few last-minute stragglers looking for great gifts. With multiple reasons for the delay, having extended deals can make a huge difference. Add expedited shipping to ensure the gifts arrive on time and your clients will have new customers who become loyal to the brand, strengthened relationships, and more.
  • Leverage user-generated content
    Great PR campaigns happen organically when you don’t have to pay for it. Using content from your customers not only makes them feel special, but it’s social proof that lasts long after the holiday marketing campaign is over. Create holiday-specific messaging and hashtags, post customer stories and videos, build content around platforms and the stages of the campaign, and follow up with emails, ads, and social media posts throughout the campaign.
  • Use paid ads, in tandem with earned media.
    With so many people being online, your digital marketing and PR strategy won’t work if you miss the “digital” component. Creating an earned media strategy can offer rewards long after the holiday season. In addition to earning organic media placements for your clients, run paid ads on the platforms where the audience is with keywords people look for. Once they find your client, there should be landing pages and specific retargeting ads offering incentives.

It’s important to plan for post-holiday marketing campaigns, and keep them running for a while after the holiday season is over. If you can help your clients run holiday marketing campaigns all year to include those holidays most people don’t consider, their brand will continue to deepen customer relationships year-round. The key with any holiday marketing strategy is to keep your clients brand top of mind, while building engagement, establishing trust, and converting sales. 

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