Do you need quick, high-tier PR placements for your clients? Are you ready to add another income stream to your agency?

If this sounds like you, we’ve got a solution…

“But I’ve already tried pitching the media for my clients with no results/I’ve been burned by  PR freelancers/I’m worried about crappy low Domain Authority blog posts/I need results for my clients NOW.” – every Digital Marketing/SEO Company ever 

Enter 72 Hour PR;  a profitable solution for Digital Marketers, SEO’s and PR Companies.

Media placements in just 72 hours!
Media placements in just 72 hours!

“Publicity is absolutely critical. A good PR story is infinitely more effective than a front page ad” – Richard Branson

NOW for the first time ever you’re able to get your clients in on the media action without a major time investment…without hiring extra hands on your team…without getting burned by inexperienced freelancers…and WITH the trust of a guarantee!

What is 72 Hour PR?

  • In a sea of convoluted marketing options, what we do is SIMPLE: we get you or your clients in high tier online media and we do it fast.
  • No, we’re not talking about press release distribution
  • No, we’re not talking about crappy blogs that no one’s heard of
  • No, we’re not talking about paid advertorials
  • No, we’re not a syndication company
  • We’re talking about REAL media placements, custom to your client’s brand, delivered within 3 to 7 business days. 

How Do We Do It?  Without giving away all of our secrets, here’s the lowdown…

What we’re doing here is NOT intended to replace or undermine the value of the full scale PR and Marketing campaigns you’re already running. We’re simply giving you the means to either 1) create an additional cash flow in your business and/or 2) get quick results for your clients when you need them. 

Truth be told, some people just need a burst of quick visibility. Maybe your client just launched a website and wants some momentum to go along with their launch. Or maybe your client is just looking for the brand credibility and third party validation that comes with being quoted in major media. We provide the solution, the stepping stone, the momentum to catapult you from where you are now to where you want to be next.

Essentially we tap into our personal network of reporters, bloggers and journalists who are looking for story sources the next 7 business days and we match them with your  client’s business, resulting in a media placement. Time is of the essence here. We connect you with them.  They win, you win, your client wins, everyone wins.

Ready to Launch Your Client’s 72 Hour PR Campaign?

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Still Not Convinced?

Clients have been featured IN: The Huffington PostElite Daily, Social Media Today, ABC News, Your Tango and dozens more… (Hint, these are clickable links, go ahead and call our bluff!)

Here are a few testimonials straight from the horses mouths (and by that we mean our awesome clients)…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you really get placements in 72 hours? Yes. We guarantee placements within 3 to 7 BUSINESS days. We need sleep and reporters go on vacation occasionally too. So you’ll have your placements within 3 to 7 business days (not including weekends or holidays) of signing up and completing your business profile.
  • Why would I use this as an SEO/Digital Marketing/PR Company? There’s two main reasons PR and Digital Marketing Companies do 72 hour PR. 1) You have clients who you’ve been unable to get placements for, and  need results FAST in order to keep your clients happy. 2) You want to add an additional income stream to your service offerings without creating a new product or adding extra staff. Maybe you sell web design or SEO and want to offer PR to your clients as well. This is an easy, turn key way to make money off PR without actually doing the legwork yourself. What we’re doing is NOT intended to compete with or replace the services you already offer.
  • Is there a recurring fee? No. Never.
  • What if you don’t get my client’s placements? Simple. No placements in the 3 to 7 business day turnaround time, and you get a refund.
  • What if I don’t like my placements? We will help shine the most positive light on your client’s business as possible, but we’re not responsible for what you do with the PR momentum after the placements come out. If we deliver the high quality placements we promised within the 7 business day timeframe, we won’t issue a refund. So if you’re shopping for free PR and hoping to demand a refund after we put in the work, please take your business elsewhere. We’ve spent years building our media relationships and we only want to deal with clients who have integrity and a willingness to let us do our job.
  • Should I stop doing other forms of marketing for my client? Absolutely NOT! 72 hour PR is not intended to replace or substitute the other forms of marketing you’re doing. It should only be used as a stepping stone to get your client the momentum and credibility needed to give their business an edge. It’s a fantastic complement to other forms of marketing and can be a great stepping stone if you decide to continue your own PR after our mini-campaign.
  • What kind of placements can I expect? It depends on your industry and expertise, but at minimum we define a “media placement” as a feature story, attributed quote, guest post/article or review on an online news site, blog or magazine that has a minimum Domain Authority of 65 or better. We can’t guarantee any specific outlet, but common outlets many of our clients have been featured in are;, Inquisitr news, Elite Daily, Your Tango and others.
  • If I like your results, do you do full service PR? Yes! Providing Whitelabel PR services for other agencies is our bread and butter! If you’re an SEO Company, Digital Marketing Company or PR Company we would love to speak with you about your clients! 
  • How often are your weekly media lead emails sent out? Well, to state the obvious – weekly. If we have super hot publicity opportunities come down the line, we might occasionally email you more often but we won’t annoy you.
  • Will my clients get a lot of traffic from this? Maybe, maybe not. Some people see a ton of traffic from PR, some only see a small increase. Many  business owners notice a higher conversion rate after running a PR campaign, due to the third party credibility that comes from being mentioned in major media. The opportunities and benefits of PR and media mentions are endless. Marketing should always be seen as a long term strategy, not a sprint but a marathon. We help you build the initial momentum for your clients, what you do with it afterwards is completely up to you.

Well, what are you waiting for? Are you in or out?

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By passing go, you acknowledge that you have read AND agreed to the following:

  • We can NOT guarantee coverage in a specific media outlet. We can guarantee quality of placements, but not specific publications.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, at any time, for any reason.
  • Once again, this is NOT intended to replace full service PR or other forms of marketing. It is, however, a great way to build momentum and complement your existing marketing efforts.
  • By signing up, you  give us the authority to contact media on yours and your client’s behalf and realize we do not have 100% control with what the media does with the information
  • By signing up you agree not to sell information to competitors, NOT TO CREATE A COMPETING PRODUCT/SERVICE and you agree that our business arrangement is to remain strictly confidential.
  • We will never sell your information to anyone and we respect your privacy.


Good news! 72 Hour PR is available as a completely whitelabel service, meaning you can sell it under your own brand, as your own branded service.  Got clients that you need media placements for stat? We can help! Want to offer this as an add-on service for your existing clients? We can do that too!

Better yet, we offer special pricing to our friends in the Digital Media industry, and we provide volume discounts. If you haven’t already signed up,  and want to have a more detailed discussion, fill out our Contact Form to schedule a consultation to chat about your clients and your goals.