Branding With Purpose: Why Communicating Company Values Matters

Branding isn’t just a fancy marketing word. As the global market expands, a focus on branding has become a necessity for any successful business. More importantly, branding with a specific purpose in mind has become more important than ever.

Designing a brand extends further than just creating a logo and company name. Successful brands like Apple, McDonald’s, and Coca-Cola communicate their company values,  making consumers who align with those values more likely to choose those brands.

Not only that – brand recognition makes a business stand out from competitors, and in some success stories, turning new companies into household names. Brand recognition and identity provides you with an opportunity to have your company ideals and values echo through your messaging. 

Branding With Purpose

  • The customer is always right, and nowhere is it more evident than in your company’s customer service.  How well you service your customers before and after each exchange plays a big role in how they perceive your brand. From stores to your online platforms – guaranteeing your customers quality and ease of purchase, and then keeping your promise gives them reassurance. With a quality service re-traceable to your brand, potential customers’ decisions will certainly be influenced by it.
  • Customers associate brands to their product, but also to their logo, name, and motto. Visual identity is important for any brand, so research and hire professionals to create an image that reflect what your company stands for. Later, incorporate those visual markers throughout your company and make them standardized and uniform. The brand colors should will be the thing people associate your company with, so be sure every material produced contains them.
  • Another important channel of communicating your brand should be your commercial real estate. The way your business space (be it a restaurant, health clinic or a corporate office building) communicates with your customers is also one of the key performance indicators of your branding strategy. Employing an expert team to execute your property marketing campaign can be the cutting edge your business might use to boost the brand awareness more effectively than ever.
  • When it comes to branding – presence is everything. Attracting people’s attention and then reminding them time-after-time will raise their awareness of your brand. Knowing your consumer base, and targeting them with your name, will keep it in their mind, so they never forget about it, and run off to the competition. Just make sure consistency, and visibility are the main hallmarks of every campaign.
  • Another important way your brand can attract customers is by providing value, and then exceeding their expectations. People go to great lengths to find great quality, at top value. Once your consumers get familiar with the quality, provide them with continues novelties, and deals. Creating a business model that values your customers’ money, with room for profit, the people you do business with will recognize your brand as a consumer-friendly name, and go to your company to make a purchase.
  • Customers are always attracted to a free services, and it gives them the impression that “we care about you”. Providing entertainment in the place of business, or maintaining a regular blog with professional insight, is an ample way of giving something extra to your clients they can enjoy. By improving customer’s lives outside of the profit margin, they will know you appreciate them as people, while they will value your brand in equal respect.
  • By supplying your company with emotional worth, you can add a human touch to your brand. Creating an emotional background to a company means people can make a connection and become cooperative and trusting. Sometimes sharing story behind your goals, or road to success with buyers will give the brand a personal feel. However, nothing relates to people better than people themselves. Present the people who do business in and around the company as a part of the emotional strategy of your company name.
  • Corporate social responsibility and awareness can separate your brand from the competition. Because of it’s wide-spread reach it can affect a variety of demographics. Not only does it boost the social context of your brand, it also provides a return to your consumers who will realize that relationship. As an added bonus, it provides a great strategy to promote the colors of your company through numerous activities and events.
  • Each customer is unique, and treating them as individuals is important when maintaining a successful brand name. Dedicating time and effort to each person makes them feel that they are getting special treatment. Keep a client list and inform each of them, via e-mail or any other appropriate channel, of the newest proposals you have for them. Also, you can create a newsletter and send out greeting cards during holidays, together with some promotional material of course.
  • As the benefits of social media provide a great way of getting the word out, be creative when tackling them. Embrace all aspects of Facebook or Twitter, not just for sharing posts, and news. Create Facebook groups or Twitter events that allow your consumers to connect with each other, under a shared brand. Not to be forgotten, Instagram can be a great way of promoting the atmosphere around the office, and add some fun to the brand.
  • Support, and rely on the support of the local community. Because many start-ups start off small, local consumers are your company’s first customers. Creating and maintaining this relationship as the company expands adds another value to your brand as part of the local community. Using local people can supply the work force, while local businesses will be great partners in any endeavor. Not only that, your brand will show respect to your longest standing consumer market.

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At the end of the day, today’s successful brands are beacons of change, integrity and purpose. People associate brands not just with their product, but the values and standards they promote. How well you design your brand, and promote the notions around it will determine its success, and ultimately become your company’s best and most valuable business card.

About the Author: Raul Harman is a copywriter for an Australian ad agency, and an editor at, a growing technology blog.
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