Media Coverage Demystified: 11 Tips for Getting More Out of PR Clips

Great media coverage isn’t the “end all” to PR and marketing. As a matter of fact, it’s just the beginning.

Online, print and broadcast press coverage is a tool to fuel your entire marketing campaign.  The privilege of being included in a story with the top guns in your industry validates and endorses your position as an emerging leader and company to watch. It legitimizes your brand in the market.

As a recent Entrepreneur article on measuring the success of a PR campaign aptly pointed out, PR is much more of an art than it is a science. If you’ve been lucky (or diligent) enough to be featured by target media outlets in your niche, your job isn’t over. The most important steps in your campaign come after your media coverage.

So while measuring press coverage is more of a vanity metric, ultimately creating more brand awareness and not necessarily click throughs; you can increase the power of a plug by helping journalists share their stories and letting customers, clients and prospects know about your latest accomplishment.

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In other words; don’t be shy about shameless self promotion.

Truth be told you aren’t going to get a lot of link love back from top tier media hoping to keep their readers inside the paywall, so it is in your best interest to drive those interviews and reviews forward.  Again, awareness and engagement aren’t as tangible as sales figures, so it’s crucial that you share the coverage you worked so hard to get.

Check out this video or scroll down for expert tips on how to maximize the results from your media clips.

11 Tips on how  to use media coverage to convert more customers and clients –

  • Link your coverage to your website home page and press page and make it a part of your “About Us” page.
  • Send out an email to your customers and clients and be sure to embed the clip into the email, not just a link. Add an offer while you’re at it, so you will have something to measure.
  • Start a conversation. Create social media buzz using the article topic, quotes, questions and include an offer, a call to action. Drive traffic to the article.
  • Share the coverage with current and future clients to close a sale.
  • Speaking of sales, make sure all of your reps and distributors have a copy of the article or clip to share with future prospects.
  • Blog and vlog about it while you dive deeper into the article’s topic. This is your chance to expand on that quote. Be sure to link out to the reporter for added bonus points.
  • Don’t forget to add it to your brand’s LinkedIn page.
  • Go old school and print out a copy and laminate/frame it in your store, gym, spa or office. Good press will boost employee morale.
  • If it is a product review, add it to your online e-commerce site right snack next to the product that was featured.
  • Track it through Google Analytics, Open Site Explorer, Trackur, Radian6, Sprout Social. Do more of what’s working.
  • Blow it up and add it to your marketing decks, brochures, and trade show booth banners.

Another idea is to take this list and add it to your marketing plan and strategy for each and every time you land a big story. When you take the time to promote your media clips the right way, it can also lead to additional opportunities for press coverage, collaborating with influencers in your niche and converting new customers.

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Not sure on where to start when it comes to building your media clips? Take a step back and watch this video for some great ideas on how to position yourself as a thought leader. If you’re still stuck after that, check out 72 Hour PR; a quick fix for businesses that need PR coverage and media clips FAST.

This article and video series was created by Madeline Johnson, of The Market Council, Marketing & Public Relations NYC. Thanks, Madeline, for your insights and expertise! Follow her on Twitter at @MarketCouncil
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