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Blair Nicole Media Moguls
Media Moguls PR:
CEO & Founder, Blair Nicole:

Media Moguls PR was founded by Blair Nicole, an MA in Psychology, who has a passion for PR, travel, mental health, and freelance writing. Her work can be found on Forbes, Business.com, Social Media Today, PsychReg and PR Daily.

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About CEO & Founder, Blair Nicole


Born in upstate NY, raised in Salt Lake City, UT, and settled in San Diego, CA, Blair has a diverse cultural background that has given her a truly unique take on life…and business. She knows how to get things done and she’s not afraid to break the mold to make things happen.


Blair bought her first home at the age of 18, graduated with a Bachelors degree in Psychology by 20, and landed her first job as a stock broker all before her 21st birthday. (She even had her Series 7, 63, 55, 4 and 24). In other words, she knows how to get what she wants.


But all that came to a screeching halt one day when Blair realized she didn’t want to be chained to corporate America so she abruptly packed up her desk at the securities firm she was working for, got up, walked out and never looked back.


“When you’re faced with the decision to challenge the status quo or remain stationary, challenge the status quo. Always.” – Blair Nicole


That decision would ultimately shape the rest of Blair’s professional life. With a few failed businesses under her belt, she finally settled on Marketing and PR because it gave her a creative outlet and the ability to transform businesses from a mere idea into something alive and tangible.


She’s worked with clients in just about every industry and niche imaginable, but has become the secret weapon to agency owners around the globe since 2015. When another agency needs PR work done that they can’t do in-house, they go to Blair.


In 2015, Blair decided to take yet another risk when she sold everything she owned and set out on the open road to travel full time and live the Digital Nomad life with her (then) 3 year old son. Her travel story was even featured in HuffPost! Though she has since settled down in San Diego, Blair and her family continue to travel, and have been to 10 countries, and counting.


Blair’s other passions are writing and mental health. She’s an MA in Psychology, and a contributor at Forbes, Business.com, PsychReg, PR Daily and more…


Blair believes that exploring the world, both internally and externally, can transform lives. She holds an MA in Psychology, and has worked with therapy clients in a clinical setting. She’s also served on the Board of Directors for a 501(c)3 that helps people who have lost someone to suicide, and has co-facilitated groups for women recovering from addiction.


She finds creativity and inspiration through writing, and likes to write about business, PR, mental health, travel and more. You can find her published work at Forbes, PR Daily, Elite Daily, and more.


“If your only goal in business is to make money, don’t bother. Business for good is simply good for business.

—Blair Nicole

Blair is available for speaking engagements, bylines, and freelance thought leadership pieces.


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