Business Owner & CEO #PowerHour
Our business owner & CEO power hours cultivate a community for business owners, executives, CEO's and entrepreneurs who want to survive and thrive beyond the global economic and health crisis. Power hours are led by Blair Nicole, who's the CEO and Founder of Media Moguls PR, and a columnist at Forbes,, and PR Daily.

Join PR Guru, CEO, & Forbes Columnist, Blair Nicole for daily #PowerHour calls!

We’re not a traditional networking group, and our goal isn’t to secure business or pitch ideas to other business owners. Business cards and sales pitches aren’t welcome here. Our mission is much, much bigger than trying to secure a single sale…


Our mission is to offer business owners, executives, and entrepreneurs a place to share our struggles, find community, and lean on each other for inspiration, while we recover from this global health and economic crisis.


…Because surviving and thriving beyond this thing is NOT something we can do alone.


People in recovery and self help communities have long been aware of the power in community and giving back.


And right now, we as business owners and individuals, need more help and support than ever before, as we face unprecedented losses in income, changes to the way we operate, and uncertainty for our futures.


We will conduct 2 – 3 X per week, LIVE via Zoom. Calls will be facilitated by Blair, or other marketing, business development, and sales experts who can help you grow your business.


Here’s what you can expect in every call:


1) Education, resources and tools. We’ll share free tips, resources and tools to help you overcome the business challenges you’re facing right now. You’ll leave each call with at least one actionable item you can start implementing in your business right away.


2) To be HEARD. There’s so much noise going on right now, and we’re being inundated with news everywhere we look. This is a place where your challenges will be heard, and it’s safe to express what’s going on for you and your business.


3.) To get support, encouragement and inspiration. There’s power in listening to others who are facing similar challenges. Each call will offer opportunity for you to glean inspiration and empowerment from what others are sharing.


4) Community and connectedness. We’ve never been more socially isolated than we are right now. By coming together, we can accomplish so much more than we can accomplish alone.


Calls will follow this format:


1) Welcome, mission statement, and group guidelines.


2) 10-15 minutes of introductions for people on the call.


3) Introduction of call topic. 20 minutes of training and resources on a specific topic. You’ll leave each call with at least one piece of actionable advice you can implement in your business.


4) Remaining time will be spent sharing thoughts on the call topic, or answering questions.


We can learn so much from each other; and by sharing our challenges and resources with our peers, it makes them more manageable, and easier to overcome. We can accomplish so much more together than we can by ourselves!


Let’s come together and help each other through this crisis. In order to be a member of the group, you must meet the following criteria:


1) Be a business owner, CEO, startup owner, or executive. You can be located anywhere!


2) Your business must have been income-generating and functional prior to the COVID-19 crisis. (See additional thoughts on this in the next section).


3) Must agree not to sell or pitch anything to other members of the group. We’re here to help each other, not sell to each other.


4) Must have a desire to survive and thrive beyond this crisis, and form community with other business owners in your position.


5) Must be respectful of other people in the group. (Zero tolerance policy here).


Please do not join the group, if you’re one of the following:



1) An entrepreneur who does not have a functional or income-generating business. There’s nothing wrong with this, and we wish you the best in your endeavors. BUT, the challenges facing business owners who are trying to keep their businesses running are much different than the challenges of an entrepreneur who’s trying to get an idea off the ground. We want to help business owners stay in business.


2) Network marketers, MLM’s or direct sales business owners. Nothing personal. This just isn’t the group for you.


Support groups have been proven time and time again to help individuals overcome enormous challenges, addictions, and major life changes. So…if support groups are effective in helping people overcome individual challenges, why can’t a support group help individuals overcome business challenges!? It can!


I 100% believe that a Business Recovery Community, led in the right way, can do the same thing for the business owners facing unprecedented challenges right now. Let’s do this together!


Join our Meetup Group for a list of upcoming support calls and events!

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